The Kianh Foundation was originally established to address an urgent lack of services for children with disability living at the government orphanage in Hoi An and worked on-site there from 2001 – 2010

Here are just some of the things that we were proud to have achieved during our 9 years of working there:

  • Set up 2 special education classrooms and a thriving education programme for the children with disability
  • Set up a successful physiotherapy programme
  • Ensured that all children (with and without disabilities) and the staff’s children received regular dental care
  • Arranged and funded various surgeries (for example cleft lip and cleft palette surgeries, shunt and heart surgeries)
  • Provided basic healthcare
  • Trained and up-skilled government employed staff working at the orphanage
  • Supplied additional staff in order to roll out various programmes throughout the orphanage
  • Renovated unsanitary rooms and buildings
  • Provided numerous social activities
  • Funded students in their further education
Many of the children with disability at Hoi An Orphanage reached significant milestones in their development during the implementation of our programmes. Working inside a government-run institution presented a number of challenges. Despite this, our work was eventually recognised and awarded by the Provincial government. Due to the success of the programmes, many families in the Province who had children with disability began to bring them to the orphanage in order to access our services. This is what led us to set up our Day Centre in the nearby district of Dien Ban, a large catchment area for Hoi An Orphanage. It became necessary for the Kianh Foundation to end its work at Hoi An Orphanage in November 2010 and hand the programmes over to the orphanage administration to manage. Please note that we no longer have any relationship with Hoi An Orphanage and should not be contacted about visits or issues there.