Our Fantastic Team



  • Nancy Baker
  • Jackie Marsh
  • Dee Jethwa
  • Susan Phillips
  • Laura Mitchell


Jackie Wrafter (Co-Founder and Director)

Jackie Wrafter is from Liverpool, England. She holds a BA Honours in English Literature and a Master of Philosophy in Modernism. She has a background in administration and publishing and has been working in Vietnam since 2002.

She is the Foundation’s Director and Co-Founder and established the Kianh Foundation jn 2001 with her friend, Jacci Bulman, after being shocked at the lack of services for children with disability at a government orphanage in Vietnam. She spent several years working on-site at the orphanage, working hands-on with the children and overseeing the organisation’s programmes there, before taking on a more managerial role, directing the organisation and liaising with the Vietnamese government authorities.

Nick Keegan (Director of Business Development)

Nick Keegan is an experienced business manager from Edinburgh, Scotland. He holds a Master of Science degree in Quality Management and has been working in Viet Nam since 2005.

As the Kianh Foundation’s Director of Business, he is responsible for managing all business-related activities and developing and promoting the Foundation’s long-term growth and financial stability.

Prior to working in Viet Nam, he held various management positions within the UK Civil Service. His areas of experience include strategic and financial management, quality management, project management and culture change.

Do Le To Quyen (Centre Manager)

Quyen is from Hoi An City, Central Viet Nam. She holds BA degrees in English and Administration Management.

She joined Kianh Foundation in 2011 and is responsible for managing the Day Centre, ensuring that it operates efficiently and effectively. Her responsibilities include managing and developing the staff, building relationships with parents and families of the children and facilitating the placement of foreign specialist trainers and consultants at the Centre.

Pham Hoang (Programme Development Manager)

Hoang is from Quang Tri Province. He holds a BA of English Teaching and a BA of Business Administration from The University of Da Nang, Viet Nam, and also a Masters degree on Rehabilitation Counselling from the University of Sydney, Australia.

He joined Kianh Foundation in March 2014 and his responsibilities include overseeing and managing the service delivery of our education and therapy programmes.

Christopher J Ephgrave (Fundraising, Sales and CRM)

Chris is from Stratford Upon Avon, England and is an experienced sales and marketing professional. He joined Kianh Foundation in 2017 and his responsibilities include researching and preparing funding applications, driving sales and management of customer/donor relations.

Le Nguyen Dieu Trinh (Fundraising: Australian-Vietnamese Community)

Le Nguyen Dieu Trinh is from Da Nang City, Central Viet Nam. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Danang University in 2000.

Trinh lives in Sydney, Australia and assists us in raising funds and increasing awareness of our work amongst the Australian-Vietnamese community living in Australia.


Translation and Administration
Nguyen Tram Anh
Pham Thi Nhat

Staff Supervision
Tran Thi My Hiep

Education: Teachers
Nguyen Thi Quynh (Early Intervention)
Pham Thu Thuy (Early Numeracy and Literacy, and Lead Teacher)
Huynh Thi Anh Vuong (Mainstream)
Nguyen Thi Khanh Ly (Foundation Skills for Children with Autism)
Phan Thi Thuy Duong (Foundation Skills for Children with Autism)
Le Thi Lan (Lifeskills)

Education: Teaching Assistants
Bui Thi Dieu Thao
Pham Thi Lai
Than Thi Tinh
Tran Thi Buoc Hong
Tran Thi My Le
Nguyen Thi Si
Le Thi My Nhi
Nguyen Thi Ly
Nguyen Thi Hien
Le Thi Diep
Dao Le Mai
Le Thi Ty
Bui Thi Hoang Nguyen

Education: Classroom Aids
Le Thi Thien
Nguyen Thi Hong
Tran Thi Ngan
Phuong Thi Nuoi
Trinh Thi La

Physical Therapy
Duong Thi Hong
Nguyen Thi Kim Trong
Dinh Thi Thu Sinh
Nguyen Vinh Khong

Nguyen Thi Mong Thu, Kitchen Assistant
Do Vu Hung, Guard
Bui Phuoc Toan, Guard
Phan Thi Be, Cleaner


Fundraising Support – Australia

We are grateful to the following Australian-based supporters who generously volunteer their time and energy to assist us in raising funds and awareness of our work.

Mark and Naomi Greenwood (Melbourne)

Colin and Phuong Reynolds (Melbourne)

Michael Redding (Melbourne)

If you would like to join our team of motivated supporters and help us raise funds, please contact Nick at nickkeegan@kianh.wpmudev.host

Past Volunteers

Thank you to all the past volunteers who are unfortunately too many to mention. They have each contributed greatly to the development of the Kianh Foundation over the years.

The following volunteers have contributed to our programme since our Day Centre opened in 2012:

  • Mathilde Bijiliveld, child psychology assistant
  • Emma Storen, social worker
  • Yeoh Hock-Hin, educator


We would like to thank the following individuals who have provided professional services, consultancy and support since the opening of our centre in 2012:

  • Eng Peng Sim, Special Education Trainer – training and consultancy
  • Naomi Greenwood, Occupational Therapist – training and consultancy
  • Danielle Hinwood, Paediatric Physiotherapist – training and consultancy
  • Kalli Heinemann, Paediatric Physiotherapist – training and consultancy
  • Paul O’Connor – construction project audit
  • Ian Scrivener – web design
  • Tayla Kendall – graphic design
  • Justin Marc Dickinson – film and photography
  • Gemma Davies – film and photography
  • Mark Greenwood – architectural/design consultancy and graphic design