Child development research has found that human development and learning are most rapid in the pre-school years.  For a child with special needs, this is the optimum time to impact their development and if not to negate the effects of disability, then to minimise the impact. Children attend the Kianh Foundation Centre as outpatients from the age of one and can join the full-time Early Intervention Class as soon as they have built up sufficient skills to be able to participate at some basic level in the class.

Early Intervention also helps the parents and families of very young children with disability, who may still be coming to terms with the fact. They get support from professionals and other parents in similar circumstances, can learn skills to work with their child, and once their child enters the full time programme, get increased time for work and for respite.

As of  August 2015, and our centre being open for only three and a half years, three of our students so far have been able to enter mainstream education after spending their early years with us. As we are able to reach more children at a younger age, and as we operate over a longer period, we anticipate that that number will grow and that our impact upon the community will increase.