Life Skills Education in a variety of skills ranging from:
  • self-toileting
  • dressing, eating and drinking independently
  • cookery
  • good hygiene
  • cultural awareness
  • sex education

It is not traditional to encourage independence in young children in Vietnam, and certainly not in those with a disability, where a nurturing dependency usually exists. Our children are taught and expected to manage all of their daily habitual activities by themselves, or as much as they are able. Children are also taught how to manage activities such as going to the market or taking a bus into town.  In the final two years of the programme, the student is taught skills to specifically help them in their transition to the next stage of their lives, which will hopefully be employment or further education. We teach sex education to all our children, starting with body parts for the very young, appropriate behaviours and the difference between private and public, both in terms of the body and the environment.