At the Kianh Centre, children’s development is given a holistic approach based on each student’s abilities and needs. The education programmes cater to the needs of students as individuals. Children may follow the mainstream literacy and numeracy Vietnamese curriculum or take the path of a specifically modified curriculum that focuses on the individual’s functional life skills. Students’ communication and language skills are developed through a series of activities that include social sciences, art, homecraft, self-help and social skills.

The pupils at the centre are currently divided into four groups:

  • The Busy Bees: very young children who need support with their behaviour, communication and sensory needs
  • The Tiny Tigers: young children focusing on early numeracy and literacy
  • The Big Bears: older children who have not been able to master academic subjects, now focusing on lifeskills and functional independence
  • The Laughing Lions: older children who, for various reasons (mainly physical or behavioural) have not been allowed to attend mainstream schools, following the main aspects of the mainstream curriculum here

Dien Ban Day Centre Opens!

We are delighted to announce that after four years of hard work, the Dien Ban Centre for the Development of Children with Special Needs officially opened on 11 April 2012. Read more →