Kianh Foundation: British Charity transforming the lives of children with special needs and their families in Central Vietnam. We provide special education, physiotherapy, speech therapy and access to dental care.Every so often, we see proof that our programme is really working when one of the children suddenly ‘blossoms’. This month we witnessed a dramatic improvement in a 12 year old girl with Down’s Syndrome.

We have been working with the girl for 13 months. During this time, she was painfully shy, severely lacking in self esteem.

She did not have enough self confidence to lift her head, reply to questions or play with other children. That was until this month when she suddenly started to talk, interact, play, and act as a mentor, ‘older sister’ figure to the younger children in her class. She even started to develop a taste for disco dancing! What an amazing transformation.

Please help us to help other children to blossom like this by considering sponsoring a child for our programme. You can play a part in making a small miracle happen!

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