The link between poverty and disability is well-established, creating an enormous burden on a significant section of the population. This disability-poverty link is also associated with lower educational attainment, an important factor in determining poverty and productive economic activity in general, both for household-based businesses and wage employment. Not taking into account these associations and the extra costs of disability will make some poor disabled people invisible in poverty statistics and impede efforts to reduce poverty.

In Dien Ban, the monthly average income was just under $49 in 2010. It was $66 in the whole country. 43.9% of this income came from receiving a salary/wage; the remainder was from agriculture, forestry, fishery and other sources. Dien Ban district has over 1,000 children with disability. 93% of these children do not have access to essential education and therapy services.

The remaining 7% (approximately 70 children) have access to an extremely basic level of therapy and respite for their families.