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My name is Trang, I'm a 19 year old woman. I started at Kianh aged 17.

I have cerebral palsy, it effects my speech and pronunciation and really effects my self-confidence. Being at Kianh has taught me how to approach my communication differently which has boosted my self-confidence. I love singing so much, but my speech prevents me from finishing the songs that bring me joy, I can’t see any upside in my disability. I dream one day I will own a cake shop, and bake the cakes myself. I think I can achieve this through my passion and competence.

I remember my first days at Kianh, myself and a male student couldn't get along at all. The lead Teacher taught us to reconcile our issues at the end of each day so we could move forward. It worked! I now have six really good friends. It’s amazing to me that all the teachers at the school create their own special atmosphere for the students. I enjoy the down time at Kianh, where I can chat with my friends in the garden. Communication, P.E and swimming are my favourite subjects.

At home, my Mum is my idol, she is a great cook and respects my ideas and encourages me and my siblings to pursue the things we are passionate about. Each day at Kianh I have 5 lessons. In the morning the whole centre exercises and we have a fresh vegan meal everyday at 11am. Without Kianh I would be at home all day, no friends, no prospects.

My name is Hieu, I'm a 19 year old man. I started at Kianh aged 13.

I have Haemoplaegia, this makes all my movements and speech very difficult. So many tasks I aim to do look simple but when I try and do them it becomes so difficult, time consuming and debilitating. Since being at Kianh I have regular physiotherapy and speech therapy where I learn new words and how to speak and use them. These therapies make my daily life and mindset so much lighter and easier. My disability is a darkness as it makes everything I do so difficult. I dream of a future where I can have a stable job. I believe I can achieve this through determination, perseverance and passion.

I remember my first day at Kianh, I was taken to the physio room, it was amazing. I remember running around the room and playing with the toys. I have 3 really solid friends here now. My favourite teacher is Miss Lai [hyperlink to school page teacher of the month], I will always love her as she was my first teacher. I enjoy all my studies but particularly, independence lessons, history and Vietnamese. My Mum and Dad are in their late 40’s and work hard everyday as market traders.

Kianh has changed my life, without Kianh I would have no future.


My name is Hien, I'm an 18 year old woman. I started at Kianh when I was 9.

I have a motor-neuron disability that affects my right hand, legs and speech. It affects all my movements and my ability to communicate with other people. Being at Kianh has been a revolution for me, I have good friends, I can manage academic tests and I've been able to subdue my anxious nature and grow in confidence. My biggest difficulty with my disability is not being able to speak well. My dream is to become an Artist, I practice my drawing everyday and hope to attend art classes
in the future.

My first day at Kianh I remember another new boy who wouldn't let his Mum go home (she stayed with him for the first three days)! I have four really close friends here, male and female. My favourite teacher is Miss Lai [hyperlink to school page teacher of the month], she has always taught me things that have been useful to my daily life.I really enjoy maths, history, science and art.

My Mum and Dad are in their 50’s and work as market traders, its a very difficult and precarious life. Our house is very busy, I have 3 siblings and many cousins in our village.We have such a healthy schedule at Kianh, with morning exercise, 5 lessons per day and a fresh lunch. Without Kianh my options would be severely reduced and I would have less hope in my life.

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