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Teacher of the Month - Ms Vuong

Ms Vuong is a qualified high-school physics teacher who has been working with us since 2013. Vuong had been teaching mainstream in a different part of Vietnam, when she and her husband decided to return to the central region of Vietnam where they were from, with their young son, and resume their lives there.  She had assumed that she would easily get a job teaching in a new mainstream school in the area but having lost many contacts and connections when she moved away,  found this to be more difficult than anticipated. When she saw a position advertised for a teaching assistant with the Kianh Foundation, she applied for that.  By her own admission, she had no particular interest in children with disability at that point, and simply needed a job. "I did not think it was possible to teach children with a disability," she said.

Despite her scepticism, the longer Vuong worked at the Kianh Foundation School, the more her mind began to change. She saw that the many children at the school, who had a wide variety of abilities and disabilities and challenges, and were of varying ages, where making progress. Sometimes it would be slow and steady; sometimes quick and unexpected, after periods where nothing seemed to be happening on the surface. She was excited by this and began to participate more actively in the professional training she received and to speak to her fellow teachers at the school about different approaches to teaching the children. Her real breakthrough came when she applied all that she was learning and found that she was able to significantly impact the challenging behaviour of a young boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the school and was able to support him to manage his world in a more practical and congenial way. After this, she never looked back and now says that she would not want to teach anywhere else, because the Kianh Foundation School is a place where you can learn to bring about real change for children. Today, Vuong is the lead teacher in our adapted mainstream class and an active member of our staff training team.

From simple beginnings...

Kianh began as an epiphany in the lives of Jacci Bulman and Jackie Wrafter MBE, two strong, independent, women from the North of England . During a round the world trip, a visit to the orphanage in Hoi An, Viet Nam, in the year 2000 proved too powerful a moment for the women to turn their backs on. 20 years later, Jackie Wrafter’s leadership and stubbornness has changed the lives of hundreds of poor children with disability. Starting with daily visits to the children at the orphanage and addressing basic healthcare, the two friends created the Kianh project and began to recruit donors, volunteers and supporters.

We've achieved a lot...

Realising that many children with disability in orphanages are not actual orphans, but the children of unsupported families, the Foundation progressed to a pilot school and with focused direction from Jackie and Nick Keegan (Director of Business Development), they secured international funding from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) to build a day centre. Starting with 40 children in 2012, the centre has educated 100’s of previously excluded children and changed the dynamics, financially and practically, of daily life for many seriously disadvantaged families in the adjourning area.

But we need your support!

Kianh’s reach is life changing and long term: Teaching families and children how to deal with their disabilities, busting myths and misconceptions surrounding their disabilities and offering the important chance to integrate into the community, education, and in many cases, employment upon adulthood. Kianh strives for meaningful change above temporary metrics. In a world of spreadsheets and targets, Kianh has never lost sight of its humanity and continues to change the lives of children with special needs.

Hear Jackie’s story in her own words...



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