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We have from 80 - 100 children at our centre at any one time, depending on available funding for additional programs. We have a waiting list of over 200 verified children in dire need. A consensus study with local authorities suggests over 1000 children in the immediate communes are not receiving any form of formal education or help and assistance with their disabilities. Every day we fight to simply maintain school places for our existing student body; please jump in, donate and make a difference for one of these children today.

It costs £165 per month to keep a student in full time special needs education.



Cognitive Delay

Linh is a 10 year old girl with Developmental Delay that affects her speech as well as her cognitive understanding. She is in the Early Numeracy and Literacy programme at Kianh and is also learning to use sign language and symbol communication. She is very nurturing and maternal and loves to help her teachers keep the class tidy, show her classmates the right thing to do, and to look after young children who are not so able as she.
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Bon is a 13 year old boy living with Microcephalus. He is a happy and sociable child and has come far in his time at the centre. He is now in our Early Numeracy and Literacy Class and is working hard at his lessons. Bon is non verbal and communicates with sign language and symbol communication.

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Down's Syndrome

Binh is a 9 year old boy on the high-functioning end of the Down’s Syndrome Spectrum. He is extremely lively and communicative, with his verbal communication progressing all the time. He is doing well with his numeracy and literacy and is a great dancer. Binh comes from an extremely poor family who have been struck by tragedy at every turn and is now the only child of the family.
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Minh is a 4 year old girl who is on the Autism Spectrum. Minh is extremely bright and is learning quickly at the centre, including learning how to play with her classmates. Her verbal communication is progressing and she sometimes prefers to speak in English rather than Vietnamese. She loves songs, music and nursing her baby dolls.

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Cognitive Delay

Duy is a 13 year old boy with an intellectual disability. He lives alone with his mum, who also has cognitive difficulties. Duy and his mum are very poor, living in a tiny house and managing on the money mum makes from the vegetables she grows in their small garden. Every day, Duy's mum takes the long journey to Kianh on her old bicycle to take her son to school, and makes the same journey again later in the day to collect him.
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Cerebral Palsy

Phuong is a 14 year old girl with mild Cerebral Palsy that mainly affects her speech. She began her school life at mainstream but was asked to leave soon after when she could not keep up with the lessons in the big, busy classrooms. Phuong joined the mainstream programme at Kianh and is now studying the mainstream Vietnamese curriculum there at a pace that suits her.

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