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It has been 19 years since Kianh’s inception. Over this time Kianh has nurtured a group of young adults through to graduation. These youngsters encounter many problems trying to enter employment, as they did finding a school placement.

To assist with the development of young adults with disability, Kianh recently partnered with BASAID (Basic Aid for a better life and a better future) to develop a vocational training course and facility to provide sustainable – paid – employment. The Dien Ban commune is, at its heart, an agricultural area. Many of our students / graduates parents are farmers and dependent on crop yields.

Conventional farming isn’t conducive to physical and mental special needs. Hence our decision to embrace older farming systems, in our case Aquaponics. Combined with community collection schemes we aim to establish a decentralised permaculture system with sustainable and meaningful employment and wholesome end user produce.

Once our system is fully established and our vocational program running, our young adults will have an opportunity to earn an income directly from the results of their work. Our plan is to achieve reasonable yields that our private hospitality clients can utilise. Extra revenues will be directly cycled through to our children’s educational programs.

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