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Frequently Asked Questions

Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder are the most frequently presented conditions. We also have a range of students with cognitive delay, microcephaly, and other issues.

The day centre has 80 - 100 students at any one time, depending on funding for additional programmes and staffing. Students range from a few months old to 18 years of age. A government census assumes there are in excess of 1000 children with disability in the immediate local area. However, we work with several children who are not on any government lists, indicating that numbers are higher. The need for special education placements is extreme.

The Kianh Foundation is a mature NGO, providing advanced international standard school placements to children with disability of families with no or limited means. Thankfully we are past the basic needs phase of development. The children have good and ample diets, loving families and professional teaching staff and therapists, and our centre has been generously kitted out and resourced by donors over the years.

Our needs are purely financial. There is NO local or National Government financial support. The entire organisation is 100% dependent on donations and grants. We hear everyday how overheads are the enemy, but we can reassure you that without teachers (professionally trained and motivated), education simply doesn't happen. All the positive and happy results you see on social media are because of human resource. We need to pay our staff.

Kianh has institutional Anti-Slavery and Child Protection Policies in place which are strictly adhered to.

Our primary focus and mission is the care and development of the children. Over the years we have found that visitors, however kind and well-intentioned, disrupt the programmes, distracting the children. We also have a duty of care to these children, who are entrusted to us each day by their parents, to ensure that they do not have exposure to adults who have not been background-checked. In short, we do not allow visitors to the centre for all the same reasons that visitors are not allowed in to schools and similar establishments in the West.

We are happy to hear from Special Education Teachers regarding volunteering. Please contact us using the form below (title the email: Professional Volunteer) and be certain to include:

  • a short description of yourself and your relevant skills and experiences
  • your motivation for wishing to undertake unpaid voluntary work
  • a copy of your C.V. / resume with 2 references
  • availability to undertake work

Ok, we understand, we appreciate you can find other organisations to donate to. Thank you for considering us.

We‘ve had a number of very successful and mutually beneficial school visits over the past few years. These do, however, take a good deal of prior planning and discussion to make them affective and adhere to Child Protection standards for both parties.

Don't let that stop us though, contact us using the form below, (title your email: School2school) if you're considering a partnership on behalf of an institution (we recommend at least one academic year ahead of time).

Ok! We understand. Contact us using the form below, (title your email: CSR) and let's talk.

We get it. It's the buzz phrase for charitable donations. After 20 years of daily experience assuring excluded children with disability get the services they deserve (as do able children) we can guarantee that doesn't happen without considerable human resource. That makes sense right? Kianh's annual budget is US$300,000 and 95% of it is human resource. Please consider the true meaning of your donation.


CWD served: 339
Graduates = 4
People affected = 1,695
Economic ripple = US$305,100

YEAR 2010 -2017:

Children provided full time education placements: 131
Children provided physical therapy: 67
Children provided communication therapy: 161
Children provided accessibility infrastructure: 164
Children enabled to walk: 20
Children saved from orphanages: 3
Children entering mainstream after Kianh intervention: 10
Children provided entry after denial into mainstream: 15
Children served as outreach students: 164
Children in part time programes: 49


Trained and employed by Kianh: 48
Third party training: 10
Scheduled third party training: 4


Family workshops provided: 28
Families returning to work: 20
Outreach families served: 213

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