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Christmas Appeal 2015

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This Christmas, please consider supporting one of Kianh’s programmes as a gift for someone you love:

This Christmas, please consider supporting one of Kianh’s programmes as a gift for someone you love
This Christmas, please consider supporting one of Kianh’s programmes as a gift for someone you love

Physical Development fund – USD $50
A third generation of children in Vietnam are still suffering the effects of dioxin poisoning from the American Vietnamese war. If you add poverty and inadequate medical care to the equation, this makes for a disproportionate amount of disability in Vietnam. Despite this high figures, quality services to support them are often inadequate.

You can help children with cerebral palsy or other mobility disorders receive the support they need through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dance therapy and speech therapy.

Education Fund – USD $45
Education for children with special needs in Vietnam is a luxury at best and for most is an unobtainable dream. You can support a percentage of these children to get the services they so desperately need and deserve by contributing to this fund.

This fund will ensure that children in Vietnam get the opportunity to progress in life skills, physical independence, behaviour management, early literacy and numeracy or mainstream academics. With the aim of leading them to a meaningful adulthood.

Staff Member Fund – USD $40
The greatest thing you can do to help children with special needs in a country that is just starting to address the problem of its special children, is to ensure the stable employment of a local person who has been trained to work with them. Not just to play with them or cuddle them, but to actually initiate and push their development.

All of our staff have been trained by qualified professionals and have a track record of successfully developing children with a wide and often challenging range of disabilities. Your donation will help support the salary of our professional local Vietnamese staff.

Lunch Fund – USD $30
We all know the benefits of good food and the affect it can have on health, brain function and wellbeing.

Many of the children at our centre come from poor homes that cannot afford to give them the kind of nutrition they need. Or as much as they need; children with mobility disorders such as cerebral palsy use up a massive amount of physical energy through the day.

You can make sure our children get at least one excellent meal a day, full of nutritional value, so delicious they will want to eat more, and with as many bowls available to make them feel full, happy and strong and ready to take on a hard day’s learning.

Dental Hygiene Fund – USD $25
Dental care is a luxury for the average Vietnamese person and is not a priority for a child with a disability even though poor oral hygiene can cause disease, limit speech development and make good ingestion even more difficult for children with physical oral problems, affecting nutrition.

You can make sure that all of our children are provided with access to regular, international standard dental care.

Child Fund- USD $60 per month
Sponsor a child to come to the Kianh Foundation Centre for the Development of Children with Special Needs and transform a child’s life. Introduce them to a world of learning, fun, music, and creativity that will build up all of their skills, including confidence. Specialised and up-to-date education and therapy programmes targeted at helping each child reach their full potential, whatever that may be.

And you not only help them, but help their family, too, freeing up the time of parents who are trapped in the poverty cycle by being unable to work as they have to care for their child, or who are becoming so desperate that they could be on the verge on giving their child up to an orphanage. [Most children with special needs in orphanages are not orphans but the children of families who have no support system].

You can do all this for just $60 a month.

If you would like to support any of these programmes, please click on the link below and follow the on-screen instructions. Please enter a short message in the “Leave a message” box to tell us which fund or funds you wish to support.

For every gift purchased, you will receive an e-Card containing an explanation of the difference your gift makes.

If you have any trouble navigating the above website, please contact Nick.


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