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High-Powered Hearing Aids for Four-Year-Old Girl

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This tiny girl has just turned 4 and has already overcome so many hurdles in her short life due to being infected by the Rubella Virus. She now needs your help. Amongst many things, she is hearing impaired and needs hearing aids to take her to the next step of her development.

Nhat’s Story
‘Nhat’ weighed only 2 kg and had several congenital defects when she was born into poverty. It was not known if she would survive the early days, but her health improved when at 16 months, she was given free heart surgery by an NGO. Nevertheless, she remained underweight, fragile, and could not walk, talk, or even sit independently. Her grandmother did not give up on her and every day she would walk with Nhat cradled on her hip, searching for someone who could help her grandchild.

At 2 years old, Nhat came to our centre, crying, terrified and unable to do anything. It is hard to equate this with the enthusiastic and extremely happy little girl we know today, who has learned to walk, to play, to study, to learn sign language, and to interact and engage with the world around her despite the fact that her hearing is severely impaired. These high-powered hearing aids will help Nhat cover the next hurdle of her massive development journey and also hopefully allow her to develop speech.

Can YOU help give this girl the chance of hearing?

Donations can be made on our secure fundraising page here: Hearing Aid Fundraising Campaign

Alternatively, Australian and American tax-deductible donations can be made here:
Australian Tax-Deductible Donations click:
American Tax-Deductible Donations click:

Please email us, at the address below, to let us know that you have donated for the hearing aid fundraising campaign. We can then update our campaign records accordingly.

Contact Nick Keegan at for further information.


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