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Revelations of another year (2017)

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Change is the only certainty in life, or is it death and taxes and change. Concisely – Buddhism style – impermanence. The success of Kianh is immutable. Over 16 years a spectacular 339 children have been educated. The development of a child with disability (any child) is of course not a “quick fix” it is a childhood-long commitment, happening incrementally with patience, resolve and expertise.

Our services and delivery are proven; we need to move forward with our reach. To provide context our current student body of 110 is only 10% of the estimated children requiring our services. Kianh has a verified waiting list of 100+ more children and this list grows daily. The repercussions for lack of placements are extreme, with the majority of these children not in mainstream education or receiving informed health services. Being stagnant in the family home also has far reaching economic hardships as family units need to provide intensive full time care and are thus deprived much needed work opportunities.

Our longevity has also led to the natural conclusion of having a small band of graduates who now face the often hopeless task of seeking employment. A childhood of international standard special needs education culminating in an apparent “dead end”.

Kianh’s 2018, ’19 and ’20 strategic plan aims to address these pressing needs with prudently elegant solutions. The common denominator is fundraising and (“charities can’t say that!”) revenue generation. Our spyglass arcs the funding paradigms from point of contact retail campaigns to drive our brand and accumulate high volume small donations, to needs matching Charitable Grant Foundation funding, carefully surveying every curiosity in-between. It’s 2017 and the Non-profit – or 3rd sector – is aggressively competitive. One thing never changes; without your generous support The Kianh Foundation could not continue.

• Expanding the Kianh Foundation
• Graduate employment and vocational training (Aquaponic Farm)
• Revenue generation (Visitors

1. Centre Expansion –
We have 1,000m2 of additional footprint available from local government support (to be administered alongside existing Land lease). With current projections and donated architectural design we can stage-build further classroom and vocational training infrastructure equal to 80 additional child placements. This is a projected US$250,000 Capital Expenditure coupled with US$150,000 funding to fit/recruit/train and scale the new infrastructure in year 1.

Core Objective: Increase capacity and product delivery by 80%

Contact us for further information on this project:

2. Aquaponics Farm –
Under whole-life philosophy Kianh graduates have earned the opportunity to enter the employment market in pursuit of personal goals, financial independence (within family context) and further vocational education. The local market is resistant to placing AWD (adults with disability) in existing HR roles. As a solutions based organisation Kianh will pursue creation and management of an independent Aquaponics Farm to meet aforementioned criteria. Our market research has committed us to this project – to the extent that Kianh has invested US$10,000 into procurement of 200m2 land adjacent to the Foundation.

The smallholding is licensed for development and the local government have accepted our AP Farm proposal and continue to support us by means of administration of licensing and permits. The business model call for a “Gold standard” cap ex investment of US$75,000: Hard landscaping, Self-sufficient solar dome, Grow units and all labour costs. We have lower cost versions to achieve the project goals but believe in the modern world some key objective should be met:

• Renewable energy (sustainable, cost effective, safer)
• Efficient water management (AP is 90% less water than conventional farming)
• Reduction in synthetic chemical use (AP is a ZERO chemical system)

These objectives provide a physical environment conducive to AWD health and safety requirements.

Under our model we can reasonably expect US$50,000 per annum in revenues from sold yields. This comfortably allows us to tailor a work/vocational training curriculum for AWD and they will receive a monthly salary.

Core Objectives:
• Sustainable employment for 6 AWD
• Financial remuneration causing positive ripple economics for families of AWD
• Releases capacity in the existing centre for new CWD to enter
• Generates residual funds for circulation through KF running costs (approximated at US$2,000 per month/10% of running costs)
• Generate foot traffic for Visitors Centre

Interested in this project?

3. Visitors Centre (US$10,000) –
KF has a professional philosophy of private and personal education for CWD (children with disability). It has come to our attention over the years that our work is of keen interest to many potential supporters and donors who wish to physically experience our centre. This is a missed revenue stream and a missed opportunity to enhance our brand awareness. While the integrity and privacy of the children at the centre must/will never be comprised we have established a demand for an area where 3 parties can come and visit the centre itself. This would include the ability to procure basic F&B (in line with our vocational training), see the evolution of the centre through modern digital media and hands on conversation with key staff when available.

Coupled with the Aquaponics Farm – this can be open to visitors as it will be supervised and staffed by KF members and adults with disability – it will make for a high E.Q experience for attendees while firmly establishing our brand, product delivery provenance and daily income streams.

Core Objectives:
• Palpable brand awareness
• Daily revenues for the centre
• 3rd party syndicated marketing

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