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One, Two, Three, Trilogy: Part 3 “Ad hoc Giving”

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“When necessary or needed”

Ad hoc is a Latin phrase meaning literally ‘to this’. In English, it generally signifies a solution designed for a specific problem or task, non-generalizable, and not intended to be adapted to other purposes.”

– Wikipedia

“To this…”, it’s a simple principle. It speaks to the nature of impulse we have as humans. Everyday we experience distractions, perhaps now more than ever with digital intrusion and our inability to manage our curiosity. Ever walked past your local bakery and glanced through the display window at the freshly prepared tray of chocolate eclairs? “To this”. Last time you bought a TV and you were dead set on the reasonably priced 46” HD model. Then you saw the “This week only” discount on the 52” 4K model – “To this”. Planning your summer vacation and resolute on flying economy so you have extra money to spend at your destination, but the all inclusive package frees up cash for a businesses class upgrade, yup, “To this”.

Life is little more than stacking Ad hoc moments. Without a little “To this” we would be a robotic and dull species. Our rational brains and societal and economic systems create routine and schedules. Our true selves revel in Ad hoc behaviour. Over the first two parts of our Trilogy we looked at becoming a regular monthly donor or a child/teacher sponsor. Both of these represent monthly commitments with a medium, long term approach (most likely to a charity that’s close to your heart). Those options sit perfectly with your planned, scheduled routines of money management and institutional support.

It may come as some surprise then that 65% (SIXTY FIVE PERCENT!) of charitable donations are made without any prior research by the donor – Ad hoc. On the spot, spontaneous and based in emotion. Yet it is the true nature of people, “To this”. You see the Facebook post, meet the charity worker in the high street or witness the TV appeal – and you act, “To this”.

Its been a year of upheaval and uncertainty like no other. Christmas is looming and it will not be an ordinary Christmas. Many of the things we always took for granted have been re-framed in these obscure and worrying times. It’s very understandable to not want to commit to a monthly recurring expense. There are also seemingly endless causes that are asking for help. Perhaps you want to keep emotional flexibility to react to events in real time and allocate your charitable giving to a need that grasps you in the moment. This Christmas, more than any, is a time “To this”.

At Kianh we need “To this” you more than ever. As the economic noose tightens across the Globe, charities are estimated to be facing a 75 BILLION USD shortfall in 2020. Here at Kianh there is no certainty that we will be able to ask you for a donation next Christmas. As you make your way through the Holidays, it’s worth keeping a mind on the near 100 children and their families who will be facing exclusion (again) if Kianh has to shut its doors in 2021. Kids with very manageable disabilities who can grow and learn and be an active, happy, productive member of the community will once again be forced to retreat into their own private world, stuck daily in the family home without specialist support or tutelage.

“To this…”

Do you remember the definition of Ad hoc from the image at the top? “When necessary or needed”, it really couldn’t describe the current situation any better. Without your donation, previously excluded children with special needs will be facing the loss of a daily, nutritional meal, nearly 20 hours per week of foundational physical therapy and a combined 11,000 hours of expert special needs tutelage every month.

To this.

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