chair1A young family arrived at our centre yesterday lunchtime, having driven all morning from the other side of Quang Nam Province to reach us.

They knew that they lived too far from the centre for their 3-year-old son to be able to attend our programmes. However, they wanted some help with equipment for him so that he didn’t have to spend every day just lying down.

He has no muscle tone at all due to a congenital muscle disorder. Our therapists Naomi and Khong have plenty of experience custom-fitting specialised chairs to individual children’s needs. After a couple of hours of work, they were able to adapt an existing chair of ours for the child. His upright positioning will enable him to be more engaged with his surrounding environment and lead to greater inclusion.

The family had lunch with us, and then a brief rest, before they undertook the long journey back home again. They left happy and grateful with their new chair.

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