As we move in to the operational phase of the centre, we are grateful for the generous support and assistance that we are receiving from the following International organisations:

The Mulligan Project

Kianh Foundation and The Mulligan Project have had a relationship for several years now. The Mulligan Project was set up by Kelly Gonzales in Los Angeles with the goal of raising awareness of Kianh’s work and fundraising to directly support our Day Centre. They are our US “sister” Foundation.

Australian Volunteers International

Australian Volunteers International (AVI) have been supporting our project for the last 3 years with the provision of specialised staff, and continue to do so now by funding Ms Eng-Sim Peng to work with us for the next 2 years as Special Education Trainer. Peng is an experienced teacher from Belmore School in Melbourne and will be working to help us, amongst other things, to set up a whole school curriculum and to train the teaching staff to create and use Individual Education Plans with their students.

Silvercrest Foundation

Silvercrest Foundation and a Singapore-based investment firm have very generously given funds to support our first year’s operating costs.

We very much appreciate the support and generosity of all of our supporters and donors.

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