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One, Two, Three, Trilogy: Part 1 “Regular, Monthly Donation”

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At school and included.

In this, the first part of our One, Two, Three, Trilogy; let’s navigate our way through the donation process. Why you want to be a donor, why we need your donations and how we can both maximise our impact in a financial partnership. That’s what we are right, partners?

Stroking the drapes of convention, here are the defined “Top 5” reasons for being a charitable donor:

1) Makes you feel good – that’s OK, its why we’re all here.
2) Strengthens your personal values – most of us, each day are just trying to work through our “to do” list and move a little bit closer to the person we want to be. Giving is an important part of that.
3) Impact – it seems, more than ever, a world of malaise is presented to us on our mobile devices, or starkly displayed in the real world. We know there are problems that need addressing. So we act, in the best way we can for positive change.
4) Role modelling – as a parent, a “leader” or simply as a member of the human race, demonstrating an action of help sets a standard for our-self and those around us.
5) Inspires – Inspiration is an action word. Inspiration is a motivation. And, we all need a little bit of that from time to time.

Now your donation decision is made. How do you donate? Here are the “Top 3” ways:

1) Financial.
2) In Kind.
3) Volunteer.

Let’s disregard convention and look at these backwards.

Volunteering is a very rewarding and valuable pursuit, IF you do your research and stay honest with yourself about what can be achieved. There are many temporary roles that can be filled effectively for a charity by volunteer time, “Clean ups” are a great example of this. Spending a few hours on the weekend keeping your local environment tidy is a high value (and thankless) task. On the other hand, also consider that most of the problems in the world that are being addressed by Charities are long term systemic problems (there’s a reason why Charities are the last line of defence), that therefore require long term systemic solutions. This almost certainly involves qualified professionals in full time roles. Particularly in Kianh’s sector, where we’re responsible for vulnerable children. Volunteer-ism isn’t a practical replacement for vetted and trained childcare, teaching and therapy professionals.

In-Kind, this is a particularly effective way for businesses to affect charitable change. All charities are burdened with Capital Expense (as all businesses are) and infrastructure gifts offer high value to both parties. For example, as an IT store, offering a handful of quality PC’s with software and a few hours of tech support each month could be an enormous boost for a struggling charity and a manageable expense for the donating business with positive marketing upside. It affects real change in the charities ability to focus and improve its core mission delivery. Sadly (don’t be offended) sending old clothes or books (particularly in a non native language) doesn’t help at all, the point being here, contact charities and ASK them if something would be useful and don’t think ill of them if they say “no thank you” – they know what their doing.

Lastly, Financial. We’ll just state a gold plated fact right here. ALL charities need financial donations and they need those donations to grow in number and value every year. Bottom line, no accumulation of volunteer time and In Kind donations can keep a charity running long term to affect real change. Only financial donations achieve that goal.

Charities have three key sources of income open to them: National/Local Government funding, Private Grant foundations/Philanthropy and personal donations. Personal donations are by far the most cost effective form of income a charity can receive. And the best form of personal donation: REGULAR.

Regular donations present the best practice for both you (the donor) and us (the charity). As you know from running your household budget there is nothing more unsettling than ad hoc expenses. As best you can, you’ll have a contingency for the day the fridge breaks or you get a flat tyre, but your cash management will surely be mapped over twelve months with manageable payments timed to leave your account post income each month. Hopefully your doing OK through COVid and you have financial wiggle room for some leisure items each month: Netflix, Spotify, Favourite News outlet, Patreon hobbies etc. This is where your charitable giving should nestle.

Netflix, Spotify, Kianh Premium Donor.

Why not get strategic with your charitable giving. Perhaps you can split it, a third local, a third national and a third international? Maybe there are different sectors of charity that you wish to help from children’s education to homelessness. Remember by giving money you ARE a volunteer, it took you time to work an earn it. You earn your money by doing what your good at, and you donate that time into a charity who are good at what they do, by way of a small financial donation. Based on 2020 UK Government statistics the average working citizen earns a net 11.16 GBP per hour. So if you committed to a donation of 11.16 GBP each month to a favourite charity your effectively volunteering for an hour each month. You’ve also just added ONE HUNDRED & THIRTY THREE POUNDS & NINETY TWO pence to their income for the year! You can manage and sustain that donation and your recipient charity has a clear, accountable and distributable monthly income.

A recent “Gively” study showed regular (monthly) donors to charity on average donated 42% more annually and over the life time of their donor-ship a whopping 600-800% more than Ad Hoc givers! This is evidence enough that a small regular donation suits the donor considerably more and the return for Charities and those they care for is massive.

Regular, monthly giving also reduces the cost on donation. All charities have to spend money to constantly secure new donations and then try and re-engage with Ad Hoc donors. Regular, monthly donations allow Charity management to plan cash flow effectively and provide the best possible service to user while implementing growth and improvements.

A regular, monthly donation is the best way for you to volunteer on behalf of your favourite causes. It’s affordable, it makes the best of you, its sustainable, it’s effective, it suits the best practice of the best charities, it reduces admin, it reduces noise, and it involves you in what you care about most!

At Kianh we have exactly this facility available to you as a time volunteer. The Kianh Foundation Premium Donor Programme.

* Premium for all the reasons discussed.
* Donor – you give your time in money.
* Programme – it allows our international standard, special needs curriculum to be delivered by experienced, professional special needs teachers; consistently and deliberately over a long period of time.

We also want to make sure you are as close to the results as possible. We’ve all become very comfortable with online communities during this year of remote working and COVid. This gave us the inspiration to create our very own online Kianh. The Kianh “Slack” Donor space. A donor access only platform where our key staff are available to you and unique content, kids milestones and school events are covered in multimedia as they happen. Its non-intrusive and you can be as proactive and involved as you want or simply enjoy the the content and results of your donations. Maximising your donor experience and bringing the very real effects of your giving into your life.

Included, educated, flourishing.

Still not sure?

Read what a couple of our regular donors think here:

Ready to transform the lives of children with special needs?
Click now and sign up for your first quarter at 49.99 GBP, upon expiration we’ll guide you to a monthly recurring donation of 16.65 GBP – that’s about 90 mins of your time each month volunteered!

See you over in The Kianh Donor Space soon.


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